Conflict Resolution

Our focus is on advising people in conflict how to avoid litigation. We can achieve this goal by introducing mediation and facilitating this process.  Mediation involves the use of a neutral third party to help resolve a dispute, finding common points of agreement between the parties. Mediation is more flexible than other processes because it tends to involve lower cost, shorter sessions as well as the ability to keep information confidential. The parties jointly control the outcome.

Private mediation sessions and group training may be arranged in several cities around the world.  We offer this service both on an hourly basis and flat rate. To learn more, email Delton Henderson at:


Whether you are involved with planning for a staged performance or other formats, we can offer a range of services from pre-production to post. Over the years, we have formed professional relationships that makes building the right team less stressful. We work with you, at your discretion, to prepare for all those important decisions. We can be researchers and planners as well as managers for the project. And we know the importance of staying close to the client’s creative endeavor while being respectful of timelines and budget constraints. Please contact us to get more information.

Philanthropy / Community Service

Solvere Group LLC is committed to making a positive impact within the global community through sponsorship and active participation in variety of programs.  Please direct all inquires to Jean Russell at:

Who we’ve worked with?

American Embassy (Paris, France), Alliance for the Arts,  Barclay Records, Bodies by Chanel, Canel+, Chiciara Entertainment Group, Ginga Arts Foundation, Heyman Center for Corporate Governance, Les Arts George V,  Metropolitan Milliner Company, Nile Foundation, Snow Frog Productions, Ocean Scene Magazine, Overseas Development Corporation, Pneuma Spirit Recording, Safir, Senona Enterprises LLC, Turning Points Media, Venice Community Housing Association

Snapshots from our portfolio

Completed business (1992-2011)

[img src=]1110Oversaw decisions about which visual elements and artistic styles to use in advertisements.
One of the most difficult challenges that was overcome involved the translation of several complex moods, messages, concepts, and underdeveloped ideas into a single comprehensive image.
[img src=]230Planned and coordinated corporate events.
Featuring performances by Christina Callil, The Girls from Ipanema, Favio Ribero, and Capoeira Besouro.
[img src=]150Brazilian Beach Bash
[img src=]190Managed television and radio business affairs for live concert event.
Gospel Series in Paris featured performances by Calvin Bridges and Albertina Walker, Jessy Dixon, and The Mighty Clouds of Joy.
[img src=]140Directed marketing and promotions for radio and television broadcast event.
Crenshaw Gospel Choir perform in Paris as part of their trip to Euro Disney where the group's leader, Iris Stevenson, received an award. Stevenson is the real-life inspiration for Whoopi Goldberg's role in the movie "Sister Act."
[img src=]120Advised Vice-President of Operations concerning revisions to the commercial lease agreement for a NYC Broadway theater
[img src=]170Organized fundraising for non-profit company.
Gina Arts and Mestre Batata teach Capoeira to under-served and at-risk children as a means of providing a healthy outlet for them to build self-esteem, creativity, and teamwork.
[img src=]250Revised co-presentation agreement for NYC Broadway theater.
[img src=]160Managed an international music competition and produced compilation CD.
Drafted competition rules, licensing agreements, and correspondence to business partners ranging from contestants and judges to vendors and sponsors. Managed the selection process for determining winners of the contest. Negotiated licensing agreements and contracts with merchandising vendors. <br />Responsible for concept and editing advertisement copy for CD release, which played a large role in achieving record sales amongst the company's combined releases for the year.<br />Compact disc includes songs written/performed by the following artists: Chantel Romeo, Santa Mamba, Suzana, Cody Navarro, Sinem, Arsene, Khaled Habib, Cellar Club, Etcetera, Grupopala, Kwanza Jones.
[img src=]190Tour manager and artist liason for international music festivals.
Presentation of "Les Jeux de Daniel" in France and Greece. Cast members included: Ryland Angel, Olivier Peyrebrune, Bruno Boterf, and Gilbert Rolle amongst others.
[img src=]140
[img src=]140Business affairs and front-of-house for operatic and theatrical production.
Morea Festival in Nafplion, featuring performances by Janis Vakarelis, Dominique Descamps (current principal oboe with Symphonic Orchestra of Bordeaux-Aquitaine), The Georgian Quartet among various others.
[img src=]150
[img src=]160Produced live concert performances.
[img src=]150
[img src=]90Administered copyright and trademark registration process.
Prepared application for filing; and responses to office action memo from USPTO.